School Holiday and Weekend Workshops

The Australian Acting Academy (AAA) presents Brisbane’s most exciting school holiday workshops for kids and teenagers. The safety net philosophy and focus on collaboration, devising and acting for both stage and screen, means every student feels safe and inspired to stretch their creative boundaries each of the AAA’s unique school holiday workshops. Workshop location is central to Brisbane.

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Brisbane Holiday Workshops for Kids and Teens
2019 Program - See below

If you are 12-17 years old you may also like to check out our acting camps held in January and July every year.
Next Camp 1-5 July 2019

Movement dance workshop.jpg

Movement Workshop
For AAA students 12-17 years and their invited friends.

The body is 1/3 of our actors tool kit and yet it is often the least practised. There is nothing more awesome and liberating than working inside the Safety Net Culture, dressed in theatre blacks, telling stories with your physicality. With the aid of cool Music and an amazing community, you will make this a night to remember.

While we touch on many different movement styles and techniques, this is definitely not dance. It’s physical story telling. When you try this you will be hooked. Movement Night is one of the most popular activities on our 5 day Acting Camps, come join us and find out why. 

Saturday 5 October
Saturday 2 November
Time: 5.30-8pm (come at 5pm for makeup and help with setup)
Location: TBA Central Brisbane
Cost: $20 per movement night

5 Day Acting Camp for 12-17 year olds - go here to our camp page

FilmWorx for 8-14 year olds

LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION. There is something incredibly exciting about our film workshops.

It could be that we have a film plot pointed and ready to cast you in. It could be that you get to help create the words your character says.
It could be that the story this time, by overwhelming popular demand, is a PG Thriller.
Or it could be that in 3 days you will finish writing, rehearsing and filming an original film.
Or maybe it is simply the fact that 8 weeks after filming you will be invited to see the finished product.


Create a Play in a Day …yep you heard it right…In a Day!!! for 7-12 year olds

One thing we teach at the AAA better than anyone, is how to do the impossible! Given the ridiculously short time of one day, the excitement will flow as you create, rehearse, design and then perform for parents a brand new play. 

Guided by our industry professionals, students will meet, collaborate and mix it up creatively with like-minded kids under the AAA Safety Net culture and create the impossible. The theme of the play is given on the day and students will use the costumes provided. Through character building skills, basic set, music and the power of enormous fun, a play will unfold.
Date: Monday 23 September
Time: 9.30am-4.30pm - Parents come back at 4.30pm to see the show
Location: TBA Central Brisbane
Cost: $128 Places are strictly limited


FilmWorx: for 12-17 years Hunted - By popular demand
A PG 13+-M rated Thriller

Sam is depressed. It’s their birthday, they are alone and their first serious relationship just ended… And they look set to lose the school election. When GEE comes over, and won’t take no for an answer. things change up. What happens next is a surprise game of laser tag, with some of Sam’s favourite and not so favourite people at an old abandoned factory. When a gang arrives, they realise they have stumbled onto a crime scene and what has started out as fun has become a game of life and death. Who will make it out alive when we make the newest AAA thriller Hunted.

This PG thriller has been requested repeatedly by students!! No children, animals or coaches will be harmed in the making of this production!! Once you book in and pay, we will send you a list of possible characters to choose your top 4 preferences.  Places are limited and once all roles are cast, no new ones can be created 

Dates: Tuesday 24 to Friday 27 September
Time: 9.30am-4pm
Location: TBA Central Brisbane
Cost: $448 payment plan options available


Christmas Pantomime for 7-12 year olds - Elves vs Aliens

It’s Xmas eve and the Elves see what they believe is Santa returning from delivery his presents so the end of year celebrations can begin. To their surprise they see an alien ship has landed with plans to take over the world.

Can the Aliens overpower the elves?
Will the Elves save Xmas and the whole Earth?

Find out when you come and play…Elves versus Aliens

Book in and a cast list will be sent out so you can choose your favourite 4 roles and we will cast you.

Dates: Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 December
Time: 9.30am-4pm Performance 4pm on Wednesday 18 all invited
Location: TBA Central Brisbane
Cost: $298