School Holiday Workshops

The Australian Acting Academy (AAA) presents Brisbane’s most exciting school holiday workshops for kids and teenagers. The safety net philosophy and focus on collaboration, devising and acting for both stage and screen, means every student feels safe and inspired to stretch their creative boundaries each of the AAA’s unique school holiday workshops. Workshop location is central to Brisbane.

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Brisbane Holiday Workshops for Kids and Teens

if you are 12-17 years old you may also like to check out our acting camps held in January and July every year.


WHO IN THE WORLD IS HARRY STARR - for 12-17 year olds

When amateur investigative reporter Sam Jones sees the name Harry Starr appear on the inside of a book, then on a bathroom door, then again on a bus stop, curiousity is ignited. Little did they know what they were uncovering. Is Harry Starr a myth, or is he the most influential person the 20th century?

Whether you book in and let us cast you, or request a cast list and apply for your favourite 4 parts - you won't want to miss this hands on film workshop. Just click the link below for both options.

Come and join the next short film being created by the Australian Acting Academy - WHO IN THE WORLD IS HARRY STARR?!

Dates:             Monday 24 to Thursday 27 September 2018
Times:             9.30am – 4pm
Location:         St Laurence's College West End
Cost:                $350

If you'd like more information call Brendan on 0412 728 628 or email


ACTING GAMES for skills fun and laughter - for 7-12 years

2.5 hours of heaps of fun with our favourite games and of course some new ones. This fast paced, high energy workshop will be full of laughs and adventure. The corporate world is just starting to figure out what we've known for decades, that play and games is the best way to learn...Not to mention it fosters creativity, collaboration, teamwork, lateral thinking and communication skills....but really this workshop is about having loads of fun and laughs and enjoying the our best selection of acting games.

Dates:             Friday 28 September 2018
Times:             9.30am – 12 midday
Location:         St Laurence's College West End
Cost:               $20

If you'd like more information call Brendan on 0412 728 628 or email

Kids Holiday workshop

StageWorx PantOmime FOR 7-14 YEAR OLDS
The Gnome Who Stole Christmas

Just in time for parents to do that last minute Christmas shopping. Join us for this exciting adventure on the day before Christmas. The elves go to sleep, pumped, packed and ready for Christmas, knowing they've done everything they needed. They wake up to find somebody has stolen Christmas. No trees, no puddings and  NO PRESENTS!!! The only clue points directly to the old time foes of the elves...the gnomes! Could these nature loving gnomes be the culprits?Will the elves get to the bottom of it? Is Christmas doomed?
Join this devised StageWorx adventure to find out... you write the script, create your characters, take direction and bring this world premier to life.
Dates:             Wednesday 19 to Friday 21 December
Times:             9.30am – 4pm Performance at 4pm on 21st
Cost:                $275