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  • The Best 5 Days of Your Life! 13th - 17th January 2025

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Camp is the most amazing experience a teenager can have. Surrounded with like-minded teens, who are as passionate about the performing arts as you are, you will be encouraged and stretched to increase your skills in acting and in life. It is like a 5 day creativity party with 50 of your closest friends (that you may not have even met yet).
It’s 5 days immersed in the Safety Net culture that the AAA has become famous for, no one pays anyone out, and everyone creates the safe space so you can take enormous creative risks.
Imagine a place where you laugh, do things you love, and learn new skills. A place where industry professionals come and visit and share their skills and generously answer your questions over a meal. A place where everyone treats everyone else as equals, and you can take the biggest creative risks you have ever taken.
Well that is what acting camp is like. There are no words, you have to come and experience it for yourself.

One of the best days was when my son came home from his Australian Acting Academy class; we were just going about our general business and without prompting he said, "Mum, I love it at AAA.
When I'm there, I really feel like 'ME'.


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Camp is...

At the Australian Acting Academy, camp is where the real magic happens. Well, okay, we sprinkle magic in our foundation and extension classes too, but there's something truly special about camp. It's five days completely immersed in our philosophy of Boundless Creativity, where everyone discovers they can be more than they ever imagined.


The core of our company is our Safety Net Philosophy. Your teen will be joining their fellow creatives in an agreement to totally support each other, to create safe places to take creative risks.

We hear from some families that this is the first time that they have experienced anything this supportive. Having a chance to learn and practice in this philosophy is why people keep coming back



Our camp is a vibrant mix of creativity and growth-focused activities. With favorites like Movement Night and Fast Film Challenges, participants explore movement and storytelling in exciting ways. Extended improvisation sessions encourage imaginative leaps, while specialised workshops dive into diverse areas, empowering students to ignite their passions and skills in ever-changing subjects.

  • Do I sleep there and stay the whole time?
    Yes! The campers stay for the full 5 days and 4 nights.
  • Does everyone know each other?
    No! Each camp is an awesome mix of students from all the Academy locations and brand new people. If you are worried about not knowing anyone, don't let that stop you! The Academy staff are well versed in helping you to connect with other like-minded people. We promise by the end of the first day you will be having the best time and will have already met so many new possible friends!
  • What do I need to bring?
    We will send you a packing list once you enrol with everything you need to bring!
  • How long is Camp?
    Camp is 5 days 4 nights packed full of exciting activities and plenty of down time to connect with a whole bunch of new like-minded people!
  • How many students do you take?
    We typically take 55-65 students with us.
  • The Best 5 Days of Your Life! 13th - 17th January 2025

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