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Our Extension Stream is a chance to work in a class with dedicated coaches like-minded students, and industry professionals to achieve at the highest level. Places in extension are by audition only. Auditions are held each year in December/January. You are encouraged to speak with your coaches in regular classes if you are interested in being nominated for an audition. You can also register your interest below and we will let your coach know on your behalf. Don't let nerves hold you back from an opportunity of a lifetime. 

Extension Stream Breakdown

Each level of our extension stream is designed to build upon skills developed in the previous level, including regular classes, while preparing students for a smooth transition into the next stage of the stream. Each of our extension classes adhere to our five agreements:

Take Responsibility | Make conscious choices | Accept Consequences | Choose Kindness |Seek Help 
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Youth Extension 1

Designed for 11-14 year olds, Youth Extension 1 is where the extension journey begins for our youngest extension students. You will find this both challenging and exciting. This will be your first time working at an advanced level. You will work with us to expand your awareness, mind, voice and body beyond what you felt possible. These are the essential tools for any actor to master. You will also be introduced to the concept of personal development and how we can help you hurdle over obstacles in acting and in life.

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Youth Extension 2

Designed for 12-14 year olds, Youth Extension 2 students will have either already completed Youth Extension 1, or have auditioned at a very high standard. Youth Extension 2 builds upon your capability to show discipline, focus and work with an ensemble with the added bonus of exploring a whole new acting medium, acting for camera. You will experience a rush of growth during this year as we continue working with you on the five agreements of extension, encouraging you to gain a deeper understanding. You will take skills learnt in Youth Extension 1 and experience them at an intermediate level. 

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Extension 2

Designed for 15-16 year olds, most students who attend Extension 2 will have already completed Extension 1. While it is rare, it is possible through exceptional class work and auditions to allow you to be directly invited into the Extension 2 ensemble. To start off your intensive Extension 2 experience, we will have you leaning heavily into the five agreements and focusing on practical life coaching skills with the aim in mind to build your strength and resilience in a supportive and encouraging ensemble environment. This shift in focus will give you an overwhelming sense of self belief as we equip you with the skills needed to take on your increasingly challenging work content and school commitments. We then change gears, and move you into intermediate and advanced techniques across the board to help build your acting capability to an intermediate professional industry standard. 

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Extension 3

Designed for 16-19 year olds, Extension 3 requires that students have attended Extension 2. The focus of Extension 3 is to make sure you have an in-depth understanding of the creative industry and begin to foster your creative passion and identity. You will begin to find where you fit in and grow your creative personality as we continue to focus on your personal development through this year. We will give you performance and practical acting experiences so you feel confident and ready to step into the professional creative industry. You will receive individual guidance and begin to develop a plan on how you will move forward into the industry and into life. Guest instructors are a large part of Extension 3, as we want you to begin to build your industry network and experience as many different styles of coaching and directing as possible.

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Extension 1

Extension 1 is where most teenagers auditioning for the extension stream begin. Designed for 14-16 year olds this is often the first time students will have experienced working at a pre-industry standard. The techniques and practices that you will experience throughout Extension 1 would normally be reserved for university students. This is where you really start to find your feet as a professional actor. With an emphasis on building self-discipline, focus and a work ethic, the five agreements of extension are applied at a deeper practical level. Your coaches will work you hard, but you will be incredibly satisfied and impressed by the work you produce throughout the year. Extension coaches truly guide students to develop acting and life skills that will give you a head start in the creative industry and in life.

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School of Excellence

Our School of Excellence is the pinnacle of our extension stream, and was created to serve students who were committed to pursuit of excellence in their craft. SOE focuses on refining and perfecting skills that students have developed during their time training at the AAA, to build strong confidence in your creative choices. SOE requires high levels of discipline and application, students will be lead by our expert coaches to a number of performance outcomes throughout the year to develop muscle memory and the ability to work quickly and consciously.  Students who complete their training with School of Excellence do so with a tremendous level of satisfaction in their achievements. Throughout the history of SOE, it's alumni have consistently gone on to great success across a wide variety of fields.

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Being an extension student means getting the opportunity to breakthroughs each week. The problem with weekly break throughs is they can often be hard to see. To show off the growth of our students we get them up in front of an audience and presenting their new levels of talent! As daunting as this might sound, it quickly becomes our extension students’ favourite part of the program as they learn that taking pride in their work is a wonderful thing. The best part is the success they feel at the showings is addictive and we have seen most of our extensions students funnel this into school and personal life.  

Each extension class performs at multiple times throughout the year. Parents and friends are treated to an intimate evening of showings at the end of Term 2 for all extension classes, comprised of varying content for each class. Our main attraction is our end of year showcase, where all of our classes gather during the one week to perform work that shows the culmination of a year’s worth of commitment, teamwork, skill building and growth. Our showcases never fail to blow our audience’s minds, as we gather to celebrate creativity.

As students’ progress throughout the extension stream, they will discover that no two showcase performances are the same. From monologues to full plays, devised work to musical theatre, comedy to drama; we make sure all our students are given a chance to show their greatest strengths while continuing to challenge themselves.

Industry professionals have commented that they can not believe the level of ability demonstrated by our students in end of year showcase. Most shake their head in disbelief that the outcome is tighter and slicker than some outcomes created by students who are attending full-time. One thing is for sure, If you’re looking for strong, performance based outcomes, extension is the place for you!


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