Acting Classes for Kids

At our Kids Acting Classes we teach state of the art acting techniques in a way that your child will love. Activities are fun, collaborative, and high energy! With the AAA Safety Net Philosophy your child will feel safe to take creative risks and stretch their personal boundaries. Acting classes for kids (and teens) have been running in Brisbane since 1994.

Our curriculum is innovative, and constantly updated to ensure students are getting the latest acting techniques. These kids acting classes are unique in Brisbane as they specialise in Acting for Green Screen and Devising Theatre. Please give us a call for more information.


Activities such as:

  • Devising Theatre
  • Green Screen Performance
  • Performing for an Audience
  • Improvisation
  • Mask
  • Acting for camera
  • Movement
  • Stage Craft
  • Character Building
  • High energy acting games that are both fun and always lead to developing a new skill in acting.

Our students create everything they perform in!

You will be inspired by what a group of young creatives can achieve in the safety net environment. We have been creating film and theatre magic with young people for 20 years. Consequently we have developed exciting ways of working with young people to create quality entertainment outcomes. Most of all our students learn the true magic of storytelling. As a result your child will develop the skills of devising, collaboration, team work, clear communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, lateral thinking. Above all they can let their creativity and confidence shine.


Australian Acting Academy

Brendan Glanville, the founder of the AAA, is a qualified Teacher. He has a solid focus in teaching Primary aged students in engaging and fun ways. In addition all AAA staff have Blue Cards and are trained in the Safety Net philosophy. Most of all it means total support for the ensemble. In practical terms it fosters inclusivity and creates a safe space to take creative risks. Students feel confident to find out who they are and more importantly who they want to become.



The Australian Acting Academy program runs per semester with each semester focussing on contemporary acting skills and techniques culminating in a film or stage performance.

$10 Trial Class (comes off your term fees when you decide to book)
$250 per term or get two terms for $450 (save $50). Payment plans available.

To create a sense of community and equality our students wear a uniform. Cost: $25. This is a one off cost for your first semester/term in 2017.

If you would like a payment plan please chat to Brendan on 0412728628 or email at