Holiday Workshop

  • For 12-17 Year Olds
  • 28-30 September
  • 10am-4.30pm Daily
  • $248.00
  • 31 Stevenson St, Paddington
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An abandoned house...
A rumour of treasure...
A full moon...
A group of teenagers...
What could go wrong? 
The rumour of an old miner's treasure hidden within an old, run down house is too tempting for this group of teens to ignore! Their only clue is that "on the full moon, the light will guide the way". Our group of intrepid teens are willing to brave the spookiest house, on the spookiest night for a chance to share in the supposed fortune. 

Will they find the treasure? Will the ghost of the old miner end their adventure? What other surprises lurk in the dark for our group of treasure hunters?

Find out more when you take three days to create, rehearse and film the latest AAA film THE OLD MiNERS TREASURE.


Please familiarise yourself with the characters below. When you enrol in this workshop we'll ask you to tell us your top three choices of characters to help us cast our film ahead of the workshop! 


The big talking tough guy. Is he as tough as he talk? That remains to be seen.


The girliest girl in the world. Talks like a valley girl and doest get the danger aspect at all.


Comes from a hippie family, She has been brought along to try and quell the spirt of the miner to keep them safe


A brainy one,. Able to beat anyone at chess, and is a master tactician. It was his idea to bring Skye, but he really doesn’t believe in ghosts. Or does he?


A 'by the book' player, He is still stuck on how it can be legal to go into the haunted house, let alone, how to survive the dust, the germs and the idea of not being in bed by 8pm. A fairly fragile guy.


Quietly spoken and shy. They are easily scared and are not looking forward to the haunted house experience.


Brave and willing to go the extra mile to get this treasure. He needs the money to help fund his acting career, to the point of being pushy at times. They do not want to leave without the treasure.


A treasure hunter with metal detector and treasure hunting kit. They have the most knowledge of the miners treasure and have some ideas on where to find it.


AAA Head Office, 31 Stevenson St, Paddington
  • Just near Rosalie, walking distance from Milton Train Station
  • On arrival, head through the main gate and through the orange door straight ahead of you.
  • Plenty of streen parking and an onsite drop off point
  • Google Maps Link: https://goo.gl/maps/CdhnrtLwnGgUqnuc8
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