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Many people think that acting is simply getting a script, and learning the words. “Hey presto acting… the end!” When your kids come and train with us, they will see that this is just the beginning. These important skills and techniques extend far beyond school drama, you will be blown away by the positive changes you will see in just a few weeks.
This term your kids will learn the secrets of great acting. They will get to adapt their performance for the camera and for the stage. While the key skills of great acting remain the same between stage and screen, there are some secrets to ensuring that your child can focus on their performance, and build their confidence by being prepared for anything.
At the heart of all our students' success is the fact we create a space for them to belong, with a group of like minded people. That feeling of belonging, is what allows them to expand their ability to own their choices and thereby positively increase their self belief.
Come along and try us out for just $1. If you aren't completely blown away in your first class, we'll throw in another one! We're so confident that we have something to offer everyone, that we will make sure your child has an amazing experience.

Building The
Safety Net

The core of all of our classes is our Safety Net Philosophy. Your child will be joining their classmates in an agreement to totally support each other, to create safe places to take creative risks. We hear from some families that this is the first time that they have experienced anything this supportive. Having a chance to learn and practice in this philosophy is why people keep coming back.

Impulse, Improv & Open Scripts

Teens will learn how to trust their creative impulses. They will be given “open scripts”; where they are told what to say, but they will add their own creative flare, and use improvisation to create their own original meaning.


Delving deeper, your child will use creativity along with some detective work, to explore the text given, to find and create meanings. They will learn that it isn’t what we say but how we say it that makes for an awesome performance. The skills they learn here will stay with them forever.

Performing for Camera

Students will learn crucial skills, such as the five questions you must ask before you perform a scene, adapting your performance for shot size, how to take direction, adapting a performance for film and so much more. 

for Stage

There is a subtle difference between performing for the camera and for stage. We will make sure your teen has a clear understanding of both and give them an opportunity to show their newfound knowledge off both on stage and on screen. There’s nothing more important for a young actor than to learn to watch themselves back on screen! 

Building "True" Self Confidence

You will experience first hand why we are seen as the experts in encouraging confidence in young people. “True” self confidence is when your child really knows when to speak and when to listen. They will be encouraged, no matter what their level, to keep growing, and keep extending. You can watch with delight as this new found confidence flows into life.

Expanding What is Creatively Possible

The root of all great performances is a creative choice. One of the most wonderful moments awaiting your child this term is this moment, where they stand on stage or screen and feel safe enough to overcome their own doubts and step into possibility and own their creativity with pride; that is a magical moment. Whether this happens in week one, week nine or somewhere in between, it will happen.

Take Direction Like a BOSS!

Your child will experience a term packed full of skill building, activities, games and opportunities to be directed and guided by experienced coaches. Our constructive, supportive environment will see your child taking direction to improve their performance. The ability to follow direction in a collaborative manner is an amazing life skill! 

Acting Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg 

It is no secret that the Australian Acting Academy is Brisbane’s Best Acting school for kids and teens. It isn’t so much what we do that makes this so, it is how we do it.
Your child will be treated with kindness and respect, and welcomed into our community from the word go. Teens need to be guided how to be part of a team/ensemble, and that is what they will get here. This sense of belonging will increase their focus and general contentment in life. Every child is treated as an equal and all ideas are heard.
Over 90% of our outcomes are student created. The bliss of being a creative child and having somewhere to use this creativity builds a healthy sense of self belief.

Our classes are designed to challenge even the most experienced students, but at the same time perfect for beginners. Your child will work at their level and will be encouraged to grow and take creative risks. 
Once your child has trained with us in regular classes, if they show a strong aptitude for the creative arts, plus a keenness to learn, and are 11 years or older, they have the chance to be nominated to audition for our extension classes.
These classes are next level, and keep extending students right up until they are ready to be part of the industry or are auditioning to enter into further studies. 
We are seeing a decline in creativity being valued in our school system, so we exist to make sure all creative kids feel that their gifts have a valuable role to play in our society. Acting is just the tip of a very big iceberg for your child's development. 

What our AAA Family has to say...

One of the best days was when my son came home from his Australian Acting Academy class; we were just going about our general business and without prompting he said, "Mum, I love it at AAA. When I'm there, I really feel like; like 'ME'.
- Jo Behlau (parent)
The Australian Acting Academy is amazing. From to classes to camps I have found a safe place and a family to express my creative side. I have learnt so much with the AAA and really did have the best 5 days of my life on camp. I would 100% recommend the AAA to any aspiring actors and artists looking to take their skills to the next level and find not just a house, but a home.
- Louis Boland (student)

The team at AAA are outstanding! They go above and beyond to help each child reach their full potential. From weekly classes, extension and camps I cannot fault them. My daughter just got back from her first camp. The positive impact 4 days has had on her is amazing. I could go on and on with how happy I am with the care she received and friends she made, and the fun she had.

- Jo Trull (Parent)
My son has been going to the AAA classes for a few years now and loves them more than ever. He has just returned from the spring camp, which was of course, awesome. I think he talked non-stop for 24 hours about the activities, the people, the fun etc and immediately wanted me to book the summer camp! AAA provide such a warm, nurturing environment for all involved that ensures that each child shines and goes from strength to strength. Thanks so much to Brendan, Kareena and the team for all your hard work.
- FionA CURRAN (Parent)
Our daughter loves her Acting Classes with the Australian Acting Academy. I've never seen her face light up as much as when she talks about her classes and what they did.
- Madonna dunn (parent)

Truely an amazing place for creatives! Even if you think you don't want to act I would still highly suggest to do some class or do there amazing camps! It helps you build confidence and truely grow as a person. JUST GO AND TRY IT ALREADY!!!

- Jett Robson (STUDENT)
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