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Vital skills for any actor


Many actors could be considered "professional auditioners"... Auditions are the gateway to a successful career as an actor. This workshop is an introduction to what to expect from auditions, while building confidence in audition environments.
This course will cover:

  • The general format of auditions for both stage and screen
  • How to present your "best self" in an audition environment
  • Why we feel nervous and what to do with our nerves so that they don't get in our way.
  • Practice auditions to build your confidence in an audition format.
  • An introduction to audition briefs and how to interpret the information.

All run under our safety net philosophy, meaning that you can take creative risks with the full support of your classmates.

Mia Grunwald
Mia Grunwald is an Australian actress born in Brisbane, Queensland. Her on screen appearances have aired internationally, and voice over work heard across various radio and commercial platforms. Mia began her acting training in 2008 and has since worked many facets of the entertainment industry as a professional actor, coach, agent, production and casting assistant, model, and voice over artist. She is currently a represented actor and continues to audition for a variety of films, tv series and tv commercials.
Mia's training spans across elite institutions and with esteemed directors in Australia, USA and the UK. 
Furthermore, Mia has two degrees from the Queensland University of Technology; A Bachelor of Business (Management), and a Bachelor of Creative Industries (Entertainment).
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