Spring Acting Camp 2021

  • For 12-17 Year Olds
  • 20th-24th September
  • YMCA North Pine (Petrie)
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$348 deposit
Then $600 balance paid on 13th September 2021


$348 deposit
Then three equal instalments of $200 per fortnight 


Camp is the most amazing experience a teenager can have. Surrounded with like-minded teens, who are as passionate about the performing arts as you are, you will be encouraged and stretched to increase your skills in acting and in life.
It is like a five day creativity party with 50 of your closest friends (that you may not have even met yet). 
It’s five days immersed in the Safety Net culture that the AAA has become famous for, no one pays anyone out, and everyone creates the safe space so you can take enormous creative risks. 

Imagine a party with your favourite people, where you laugh, do things you love, and learn new skills. A place where industry professionals come and visit and share their skills and generously answer your questions over a meal. A place where everyone treats everyone else as equals, and you can take the biggest creative risks you have ever taken. Well that is what acting camp is like. There are no words, you have to come and experience it for yourself.


Each camp has it's own unique itinerary, packed with exciting new experiences, along with our traditional camp favourites, including:
Every day is exciting on camp. An average days starts with morning warm up, then breakfast. We then rotate sessions, teaching cutting edge skills, breaking for lunch and afternoon tea. We then have free time (which is sometimes used for rehearsal) and then dinner. Finally we have our night session, which is a mix of movement, performance outcomes from workshops or our favourite...the Extended Impro - where you play a character for up to 3 hours and you go to bed buzzing! 
Skills on Camp:
Each camp has new skills. They will be fun, expand your knowledge and be taught by people who are passionate. This camp will cover:
~ Characters through voice and movement.
~ The Hour of Power (devising a play in an hour) 
~ Fast Filmmaking - write, act, edit, your own film!
~ Breaking down a script
~ Creating Emotional Realism
~ Extended Impro: You will be sent a character and given secrets and missions to act out over 3 hrs. Mind Blowing! The CAMP EXTENDED IMPRO is being created as you read this with more details coming soon.
Each camp we are inundated with specialists who want to come and teach on camp. So don't be surprised if the above is added to, as new coaches are booked. We can guarantee, whatever happens you will be expanded and inspired


My son has been attending AAA for the past few years. Brendan has put together such an amazing place for kids to feel safe and encourage them to try something new, something that they may think they don't have the confidence to do only to find out yes they can and wow what fun it was. Then there are the camps! they just keep getting better. the friends my son has made will be friends for ever. Thank you so much Brendan and your team you are all truely amazing. I 100% recommend AAA
Thank you Australian Acting Academy for creating such a space for my daughter to thrive and find her tribe. Your approach to supporting our young people is invaluable, a benefit that far out ways the costs of your services and style. Your leadership and coaching of our children in this way is having a lasting impact on my daughter and our family as a whole.
The Australian Acting Academy is amazing. From to classes to camps I have found a safe place and a family to express my creative side. I have learnt so much with the AAA and really did have the best 5 days of my life on camp. I would 100% recommend the AAA to any aspiring actors and artists looking to take their skills to the next level and find not just a house, but a home.


Activity Items
◻ Sun hat
◻ One large water bottle 
◻ Sunscreen 
◻ Insect repellent
◻ Raincoat (activities will still continue in wet weather so this is an important item)
◻ Closed-in shoes and thongs/sandals (eg. joggers)
◻ Togs and swimming towel some people also like to bring the slip on waterproof shoes that they can wear in the creek.
◻ Plastic bag for wet/dirty clothes
General Items

◻ Medications labelled with student’s name and clear pharmacy instructions
◻ Sleeping bag / sheets and blanket
◻ Fitted single bed sheet (for mattress cover/protection)
◻ Pillow and pillowcase 
◻ 2 Towels and toiletries
◻ Torch 
◻ Pyjamas
◻ Enough clothes and underwear for 5 days
◻ Warm jumper, coat or jacket - nights get cool 
◻ Theatre blacks (basically comfortable black clothes you can move freely in - leggings,         sports pants, jeans (not restrictive), and a black shirt/jumper)
◻ Costume and props for extended impro – this is sent out just before camp
◻ Phone/ipod/ipad for film-making & charger (pls have name on these, they can be kept in teachers cabins if concerned)
◻ Extra snacks you may like...marshmallows perhaps
◻ There is a lolly shop so you may like to bring a small amount of money eg $10 max

tes from the Campground:

T IS ADVISABLE NOT TO BRING ANY VALUABLE ITEMS TO CAMP The camp will not accept any responsibility for belongings that are lost, damaged or stolen. Mark off as the item is packed (old clothes are recommended). Please name all items – lost property is kept for 1 month.


What are the sleeping arrangement?
Regardless of the campground, boys and girls are on different sides, and the coaches are nearby at all times. For the last 5 camps, we have been using YMCA youth camps. These guys are experts and run 1000's of camps a year. All coaches have blue cards and we always have first aid qualified on our staff and on the YMCA staff.

What if I have food requirements?
The camp is pretty good if you put it on your booking form. We also have a Woolies nearby and will go and get you the food you need if you are hungry. We make sure all campers are happy with food regardless of dietary requirements.

What if I have medication?
You will leave it with us, and we keep it safe reminding you when you have to take it.

What If I don't like an activity?
While this is unlikely, your happiness is paramount. We will always encourage you to do everything but never force you to do anything.

Why is camp so expensive?
Hey, we hear you. Camp has the highest costs of any activity we run. Not only are we paying for all food, accommodation, buses, camp gifts, guest coaches, and 5 full-time coaches. One of these is Brendan, who stays on camp and is pretty much available 24/5 for the duration of camp. You can sit and have lunches with coaches, industry guests, and get to make lifelong friends. Yes, it costs more, but it is the best value in town, considering we just about cover 2 terms of skills in the 5 days. We allow everyone the opportunity to pay it off. You can pay the deposit at any time and we will organize a payment plan to suit your needs.

What if I am nervous?
Everyone is nervous on their first camp. It is a massive creative risk. YET, once you go to a camp, you can't wait until the next one. That is a promise.


Our Spring 2021 Camp will be held at YMCA Camp North Pine, set in the beautiful Old Petrie Town (near Strathpine). A bus departs from Chermside on Day 1 and returns students to the same location on Day 5. Parents who wish to drop students directly to camp are welcome to do so, please ensure that you have confirmed the appropriate arrival time with our team if you choose this option. 
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