Kids Games Day Challenge
Holiday Workshop

  • For 7-12 Year Olds
  • Thursday 23 Sept
  • 9.30am-3.30pm
  • $88.00
  • 31 Stevenson St, Paddington
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Games Day Challenge

Can you beat our current record of 25 games in one day???
While games are fun, they are a huge part of our teaching style at the Acting Academy. Each game teaches and reinforces specific skills. Our kids are able to build their confidence in a fun, safe environment, while we work as a team to beat the record!

Come and join in the fun as we put some of our favourite games to the test, and see if you can get more than 25 games played in a day.


AAA Head Office, 31 Stevenson St, Paddington
  • Just near Rosalie, walking distance from Milton Train Station
  • On arrival, head through the main gate and through the orange door straight ahead of you.
  • Plenty of streen parking and an onsite drop off point
  • Google Maps Link:
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