12 - 17 Year Olds


Thursday 30th June 2022
9.30am - 3.30pm


Pay $1 NOW then Balance on Day of the Workshop

We’ve all been wowed as we sit in the cinema and watch magical, unbelievable, inspirational scenes take place before our eyes with the magic of special effects.
Now it’s your turn to experience what it's like with computer generated effects, added to your performance it's bound to bring our imaginations to life.

This special one day workshop is for the child in all of us and keeps that magic alive. All of us have at one time or other imagined ourselves as wizards or witches, superheroes or villains, space crusaders or marauders. Our kids will have the chance to bring these to life as they are taught to suspend their disbelief and fully commit to providing a performance for our SFX team to enhance through the power of movie magic.
 More than just playing pretend, students will be coached to make and own their own choices, building their own confidence as they see just what they are capable of. Developing and exploring core skills such as mind, body and voice along with character creation and improvisation, this workshop has something for everyone.
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St Hilda's School, Southport - Cougal Street Entrance
  • Main reception, via Gate 2, Cougal Street entrance.
  • We will collect students from the Main Reception Area
  • Google Maps Link:
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