How do you  know who your child's tribe is?

In a time when technology makes it tough to guide our children to make safe friend choices I have some tips.

As an educator in the arts and in main stream for over 30 years now, I have seen the fabric of our society change. If you saw your child moving towards a person or people who your thought maybe steer them in the wrong direction, you could guide them, at the very least, educate them on ways to be a positive influence. 

NOW DAYS ALL THAT HAS CHANGED. Thanks to technology, we often have little idea of who they are playing with online in Player VS Player games ( PVP) or who they are even communicating with on Snap Chat or instagram. 

The fact is our kids and teens have a natural drive to find their tribe. here is where it gets interesting.

Most creative kids are fringe dwellers. This means that they often express themselves at home, are whacky funny, but when out can be quieter with strangers. You see, Fringe Dwellers, they think and process differently to main stream. They are naturally more connected to the 'Right Side' or lateral thinking side of their brain, and they often quietly ( or sometimes vocally) object to the system. Fringe Dwellers are not always actors, or even creatives. Sometimes it may be computers, sometimes music, yet always they see the world differently. Thank God too, as society will need thier ability to innovate and think laterally. 

So how do you guide them. Well try to have a look at who they are playing with or communicating with. We have an open Social Media policy in our house. We respect their privacy and in return we have thier permission to check thier feeds at random.

Secondly get them off electrical and help them find real people to interact with. We use Bounce, hip Hop Dance classes, and believe it or not the Australian Acting Academy for two of our children. Why? Well because the Safety Net Philosophy is still hands down the best thing for kids and especially teens. My kids will be doing the 4 day camp in January 15-18 2018. It will be 4 days where i know they are mixing with kids older and younger than them, who will ( under the coached supervision) create an amazing safe and positive space for them to have 4 days where they are supported to take risks, over come anxiety, build communication and acting skills and above all have fun with REAL PEOPLE NOT AVATARS.

So have a great xmas, and if you want to help your teen find their tribe, one that will guide them to great decisions and emotional growth. Get them to camp. Go to and if you share this post you can activate the Early Early Bird rate of $650 for 4 days, food, Transport, Accomodation AND guest instructors.

Have a look at what we did in term 4.

Term 4 is the comedy term. I often ask why I am doing this with kids and teens. It is the most vulnerable thing to do. Well I answered my own question., By understanding comedy, its formulas and quirks we can become better actors for drama as well. 

So I invite you to watch these with the open heart they were created with. The SKIDS channel ( Kids Skits) is different for kids and teens, but you can get a taste of what we do in term 4 by having a look. 

For current students be proud of what you did.  Most would not have the courage to try. You tried and succeeeded.


Chermside Teen Class Saturday 11-1pm

Mitchelton Teen Class Thursday 6-8pm

Mitchelton Juniors  Thursday 4.15-5.45pm

Chermside Juniors Saturday 9.30-11.00 am

Paddington juniors Wednesday 4.00-5.300pm

Bald Hills Junior Friday 4-5.30pm 

Samford Juniors Tuesday 4.45-6.15pm


These holidays get your kids OFF screens and ONTO one. The 3 day film workshop is held at Mitchelton and will keep them busy from Wednesday 10 to Friday the 12th of January. 

We will cast the kids in the available roles just before we start and then we will support them in working together to create a fantastic story. At the end of the workshop we will send the footage to be professionally edited and send you the link. You can have the world premiere in your own home.

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