Best Acting Classes for Kids and Teens Brisbane

School Holiday Workshops Brisbane

School Holiday Workshops for Kids and Teens

The Australian Acting Academy (AAA) presents Brisbane’s most exciting school holiday workshops for kids and teenagers. The safety net philosophy and focus on collaboration, devising and acting for both stage and screen, means every student feels safe and inspired to stretch their creative boundaries each of the AAA’s unique school holiday workshops.

Kids Acting School Holiday Workshops
for 7-12 year olds

FilmWorx – 3 Day Green Screen Movie Making 

One of Brisbane’s most exciting school holiday workshops is this 3 day film acting and creating with the magic of the green screen. There is no limitation to what can be created and the kids will be encouraged to let their imaginations run wild and explore the fullness of creative storytelling through film.

“Glitched” – The Movie

Have you ever told a story, only to be told that’s not what happened. Then someone tells you their version of the story and it’s completely different. That’s what happened to Sam and Josie. It seems that what each of them thought was a pretty straight forward event in their lives, was seen differently by just about everyone else who knew them…and some people who didn’t even know them!

So what actually happened on that crazy day? The only way to find out is to be part of the cast. With 12 characters available, places are strictly limited to be part of this fun film-making adventure. For your chance to be part of the cast, please email and request a copy of the character info pack for what characters are available for you to play.

Dates: Wednesday 28 June – Friday 30 June
Times: 9am-4.30pm
Where: Mt Maria College, Mitchelton
Cost: $320

PS Check out our Youtube channel for our previous Filmworx creation. Be sure to subscribe…

StageWorx – 3 Day Devising Theatre School Holiday Workshop

One of our most popular school holiday workshops in Brisbane. These are 3 days of acting, devising, play-building and creating a performance for family and friends on the last day. This school holiday workshop is always filled with laughs, and plenty of creativity!!!

“Clowns in Search of a Job” – The Stage Show

When the circus unexpectedly closes, a small group of clowns are left with the dubious challenge of finding a new career path…but when all you’ve done is throw confetti, ride tiny bikes, put cream puffs in your face and honk a funny horn, it can be hard to change direction. If you want to know how it ends, then come help create the ending in our brand new stage performance workshop.

Dates: Tuesday 4July – Thursday 6 July
Times: 9am-4pm Tuesday and Wednesday. 9am-5pm Thursday
Performance: Parents come 5pm on Friday for the performance
Where: Mt Maria College, Mitchelton
Cost: $300

Kids school holiday workshops

30 Games for $30 

Time for some fun, high-energy acting!  The best value kids holiday workshop in town. While parents will love the benefits of social skills, conflict resolution, teamwork and developing your child’s ability in acting and storytelling, the kids will be delighted in the intense fun and laughs to be had in this 3 hour workshop.

If you’ve been considering our regular weekly classes this is a great opportunity to check out who we are and what we do.

3 Hours
Cost: $30

Mitchelton TUESDAY 27th June 9.30-12.30
Paddington MONDAY 3rd July 9.30-12.30
Chermside TUESDAY 4th July 9.30-12.30

Teenage School Holiday Workshops
Acting for 12-16 year olds 

2017 school holiday workshop

FilmWorx – “Slices of Life” The One Shot Epic


A NEW Director, a NEW Storyline, NEW Characters – NEW Opportunity, and you find out before anyone else.

Professional Director ASH WHITE is taking time out of writing the final draft of his feature film, “The Ones Left Behind” to direct our holiday Workshop with Brendan – Working Title is still SLICES OF LIFE – but the story has changed, it is now a DRAMEDY!

Set in a modern school, a group of students are working against the clock, the teacher and each other to solve a problem that impacts them all.

The characters are made up of 3 Nerds, 3 popular kids, 3 Musical Theatre Fanatics and 3 Sporting Legends.

IT WILL STILL ALL BE SHOT IN ONE SHOT. Ash directed a one shot movie for the 48 hr film festival with Jason McLaren who received a best actor nomination.

Ash is excited to work with all the cast in developing the scenes and the story line.

ALSO there will be a one shot film comp on set, over day two and three where you will have the chance to shoot a short on your phone, laptop or ipad with our guidance.


Also Ash will be looking for actors to use in future projects (including his next feature ) so a great opportunity as well as lots of fun.

With a strictly limited number of characters, email and request a copy of the character info pack and help us make AAA history.

Dates: Tuesday 4 July – Friday 7 July
Times: 9.30am-4.30pm (Finish times may change, subject to needs to the film)
Where: Mt Maria College, Mitchelton
Cost: $445

Brisbane acting classes and holiday workshops

30 Games for $30 

Time for some fun, high-energy acting for teens!  One of the reasons teenagers train at the AAA, apart from our awesome group of like-minded people, is the games. When teenagers do drama, the part they tell us they love the most is the games. The way the AAA teaches games is not only are they fun, they are rich with ways to make you a better actor. Come try it out for yourself. Can we play 30 games in a 3 hour workshop? It’s up to you to help make it happen.

If you’ve been considering our regular weekly classes this is a great opportunity to check out who we are and what we do.

3 Hours
Cost: $30
Mitchelton TUESDAY 27th June 9.30-12.30
Chermside TUESDAY 4 July 1pm – 4pm

YouTube Fast Track Start Up Holiday Workshop for Teens

This 3 day school holiday workshop is for teens looking to create content for their Youtube Channel. Come have some fun brainstorming, creating and filming to give your channel the boost it needs. Create content and get instant feedback so you can learn what works and how to make it even better.

Dates: September school holidays
Times: 10am-5pm
Where: Mt Maria College, Mitchelton
Cost: $320

To Book Call
0412 728 628 or use our Contact Us page to send an email

All school holiday workshops are held
on Brisbane Northside

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